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Why don't we say, none of it is working?

Sallie Krawcheck, the founder of Ellevest, recently did an interview with Trevor Noah about the continuing identity disparities in pay. She said something so validating for me - that nothing we are doing is working.

This was validating because since we began last year to create workplace equity one company at a time, folks have been clamoring for anti-bias training, a tactic we've been using for decades but has not produced any measurable results.

Now, I fully agree that what you can see on paper isn't the full picture. Getting diversity in the workplace or equalizing pay in one fell swoop is not a measure of equity. But these are darn good starting actions, and we do have some more sophisticated ways of measuring access to opportunity and how likely a person is to feel comfortable in their new job if they have identities outside the dominant groups. We've created one of these tools with attention to the lived experience of workers as well as statistical research to support the actions that make the most difference.

Go ahead with that bias training you have scheduled - it'll probably be a good chance to do some introspection and leave you feeling a renewed sense of commitment - products I'm happy to see. But I'm not satisfied with stalled progress. Are you?

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