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Series: What is Equity in the Workplace? Part 1

Workplace Equity Partners situates "equity" at the start of the discussion on purpose. Decades of diversity efforts have fallen short, led to tokenism, and often actually worsened the representation of identities that regularly face discrimination in leadership roles. Inclusiveness is starting to take center stage, and there is a new lexicon of "belonging" and other terms aimed at drawing focus away from visible diversity as the measure of success. Some schools of thought will go so far as to say if you have inclusivity, you don't event have to try for diversity - it will be a byproduct.

But equity - the concept that everyone gets what they need to succeed, acknowledging that we don't all get the same starting block, seems to be more elusive. I've heard my clients worry that equity is so unrealistic, it's not even worth making it a goal. Maybe this sentiment comes from the scarcity of examples of equity in the workplace.

As the founder of Workplace Equity Partners, I not only believe it's a worthy goal, but I think equity at the center is the best possible driver for inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility in the workplace. In this new blog series, I will share examples of how organizational leaders are creating equity in their workplaces. My first example comes from The Broad Experience, a podcast about women, the workplace, and success. In episode 96: Burnout, Ashley Milne-Tyte interviews Stacy-Marie Ishmael, a journalist who has a strategy for supporting her employees who are disproportionately affected by the kinds of things they have to cover in their work. Take a listen.

Do you have an example of how a workplace has successfully implemented an equitable system? I'm looking for examples! Share in the comments or contact me directly at abcontractor@workplaceequitypartners.com.

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