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Workplace Equity Partners is Here!

Wow, I made it! Workplace Equity Partners is an official social impact business. What does that "social impact" part mean?

At Workplace Equity Partners, the purpose of our existence is to accelerate the achievement of intersectional gender parity in every workplace, so having an impact on society is baked right in to the central goal. I envision a world where businesses and organizations in every sector know exactly how equitable their workplaces are and the talent pool can choose where to pursue work based this information. To get there, the mission is to use an evidence- and action-based approach to achieve intersectional workplace parity in every sector.

The founding values include:

1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are right - and also smart.

2. We are people first, then workers.

3. Humility and a commitment to continued learning.

4. Integrity - we are whole with these values and strive to operate honestly and forthrightly.

These values start in-house - I strive to work with integrity and humility and honor my own humanity. As Workplace Equity Partners grows, I dream of building a workplace where people are recognized for their whole human selves with needs inside and outside of work. I aspire to build a thriving business built on a diverse and included staff that are treated equitably. I strive to inform every business decision with these values. Stay tuned to see how I (and then we!) make this work.

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