Workplace Equity Partners exists to help reach parity in the workplace for all identities.

The Workplace Equity Partners Difference

We do more than inspirational speaking and workshops - our diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting can help you level the playing-field by:

  • Gathering the evidence about how your workplace is performing on workplace parity

  • Connecting successful approaches from others to your organization's needs

  • Conduct training to fill the skill gaps

  • Systematizing your plan to ensure accountability

Ready to get started?


The core of Workplace Equity Partners’ services is the Parity Audit. This package builds a base of evidence that is specific to your organization’s strengths and opportunities. With this basis, you will know exactly where to go next in your journey toward workplace parity. This package includes:

  1. Surveying

  2. Contextual exploration using ethnographic methods

  3. Organizational material review

The Parity Audit is designed to discover countable measures, such as parity in pay and leadership, and also to help you understand how intangible contributors like values-alignment, level of engagement, and feelings of respect and trust are contributing to the level of parity in your workplace. Contact me to learn more.


The mid-level package is for those organizations needing assistance assessing their performance at creating an equitable workplace and also would like help translating the assessment into a strategic plan for the top one or two areas that both need the most attention and have the potential to be changed. The strategic planning component recognizes that knowing the issue isn’t enough - action is required. This package links the plan to your organization’s audit results so that you are efficient with efforts you know will impact your workplace, not canned suggestions from outside.

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For those organizations wanting to make the commitment upfront to see a strategy through implementation and branding as an equity-conscious employer, this is the package for you. Starting with the Parity Audit, we will gain a deep understanding of your organization’s strengths and opportunities regarding equity in the workplace. Based on those results we’ll create a strategic plan together to make change on the highest priority items. Finally, our consultant leads a project team to implement the actions identified in the strategic plan. We always follow up with an audit to determine the magnitude of your impact.

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Some organizations may have already begun the process of getting to workplace parity and one of the packages above may not fit perfectly. For those who know exactly what you need, the following options are available:

  • State of the sector - research report on competitors’ equity performance

  • Create an audit plan

  • Survey of staff

  • Organizational material review

  • Full culture assessment

  • Analysis of audit data

  • Strategic planning facilitation

  • Implementation plan

  • Skills gap training

  • Recruitment strategy development

  • Retention strategy development

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